Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Death of Multiculturalism!

One year ago the British people witnessed the death of multiculturalism!

Nearly Sixty Innocent people, mostly Londoners going about their day to day business were blown to bits by Muslim fanatics that were born and raised in the country that their parents had made their home. Many more were seriously injured, a recent survivor was awarded around £100,000 for the lose of two legs and one eye. That is around the same amount of money the government dishes out on average to asylum seeking families over a two year period including picking up the tabs for education, translators, hospital treatment, dental, priority housing, food, heating and of cause the BBC license fee of which they are immune from! A fee that is a tyrannical political left-wing taxation against the freedom-loving individual! A perverse tax (in a perverse Britain) that has no place in the western world, but look around you, No police on the beat, only spying cameras in the sky!!!

Criminals and Terrorists are setting up shop in the UK like never before in our history. The other day a 75-year-old neighbour of mine was almost bushwhacked behind his home while walking his little dog. These white Eastern European scumbags threaten to take his Mutt if he did not hand over his money. He called their bluff and told them to fuck off. Another brave Brit holding his ground, they bottled out, but left him badly shaken. Welcome to the land fit for heroes! The Dross walk in here daily yet our parents stopped jacked booted Nazis. Where has it all gone wrong?

Still one year on there is still an open barn door policy of allowing any Mohammad, Razor or Abdul to set up shop here and not conform to a British way of Life! Thanks Mr Blair and all you scummy politicians who would not recognise commonsense if it hit you on the forehead on the end of a cricket bat! Only when you and yours are affected will the British people see change that we all want. But you and your lot don’t live in the real worlds that affect the victims of Multiculturalism!!!

Blair before power says to his inner circle of commie sympathisers, “I will bring the UK to her knees, don’t worry comrades I promise you by the time I leave office you will not recognise the UK especially England!”

He has kept his word he will surely go down as the most ineffective and treacherous PM in our history.

A place that you can still walk the streets in safety! The Police will protect you if you can find one!

Was it all in Vain!